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                                  In the daily production process, the engraving machine operators should use the machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures and control the operating skills of the engraving machine, especially the engraving users should pay more attention to this problem. Engraving machine has a great influence on engraving accuracy. If the engraving result of the engraving machine is blurred due to human factors, the loss is not worth it.
                                  If it is not clear whether the engraving machine enters the workpiece, it is also necessary to check whether there is a problem with the engraving path of the engraving machine. The experience accumulated in practical operation is of great relevance. What kind of cutting tool and engraving degree should be selected for engraving effect. These problems need to be operated and understood by engraving machine operators in practical operation.
                                  Check whether the woodworking driven by the engraving machine frame can have waste; There are no fragments on the frame, and there can be gaps on the main shaft of the engraving machine, which will also cause the engraving effect of the engraving machine to be blurred. It is also necessary to check the lubrication effect of the main shaft of the engraving machine to avoid half stop or jamming of the engraving machine.
                                  We should keep the engraving machine clean and tidy, and form the good habit of stopping and cleaning after each engraving machine is completed, which is a good protection for the machine itself.
                                  In addition, we should regularly check the wear of engraving machine tools and put forward corresponding solutions (replacement or repair) in time. If the cutter of the engraving machine is not replaced in case of wear, the size of the engraving workpiece will be blurred. The cutting tools of the engraving machine shall be replaced in time, and the new cutting tools shall be replaced in time to prevent the engraving consequences caused by the use of cutting tools.
                                  The above is a detailed introduction to the five axis poly dragon engraving machine. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.ahjinxia.com/