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                                  來源:http://www.ahjinxia.com 時間:2022-04-14 

                                  Small CNC stone carving machine is no longer limited to studios or processing workshops. It has entered many families and become a secret weapon for many amateur stone carving enthusiasts.
                                  Under normal circumstances, we will encounter knife breaking when carving stone, but this situation is not necessarily a problem of stone carving machine. It is suggested to understand the corresponding solutions to different knife breaking situations. There are several reasons for knife breaking, which are mainly caused by the following problems, which can be avoided or solved by taking corresponding measures as far as possible.
                                  (1) Tool installation problem. If the tool is not installed correctly or there are sundries in the collet, resulting in the tool is not vertical and the tool is broken, therefore, when installing the tool, it is necessary to carefully check whether the tool is installed correctly.
                                  (2) Select the appropriate tool for the machining material. This is easy to understand. For example, there is a large hardness gap between wood and jadeite. Woodworking knives cannot be used to carve jadeite, but the hardness of many materials is different, such as crystal, turquoise, nephrite, jadeite, etc. Therefore, stone carving machine knives with appropriate materials should be selected for processing.
                                  (3) Processing speed is too fast. We say that the hardness of each material is different, and the bearing capacity of the tool must be limited. If the processing speed is set too fast, it may also lead to tool breakage. Therefore, the processing speed should be adjusted according to the actual situation to avoid too fast.
                                  (4) The knife path spacing of stone carving machine is too large or the cutting speed is too fast. The same as the machining speed, too large distance between machining paths or too fast cutting speed may also exceed the bearing range of the tool, resulting in tool breakage.
                                  (5) The height difference is too large. The height difference of the same road is too large. If it exceeds the bearing range of the tool, it will also lead to tool breakage.
                                  Whether it is a small CNC stone carving machine in the studio or at home, if it encounters a broken knife, it is necessary to analyze these problems first, and then find a solution.
                                  The above is a detailed introduction to the poly dragon engraving machine. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.ahjinxia.com/