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                                  來源:http://www.ahjinxia.com 時間:2022-03-09 

                                  Baolilong CNC engraving machine is a high-precision CNC equipment. When the engraving machine fails to work normally, there may be problems with its internal components or other reasons. Therefore, the necessary daily maintenance and repair are very important to the service life and accuracy of the machine. What are the maintenance methods of the engraving machine?
                                  1. First, determine whether the voltage of the engraving machine is 220 V or 380 V, and do not carry electricity blindly.
                                  2. Determine whether the voltage meets the requirements. The voltage should be between 210v-230v. If it does not meet the requirements, a voltage regulator needs to be used. When selecting a voltage regulator, you must choose a high-quality one (the power is more than 2000W, and the general weight should be more than 15kg).
                                  3. The engraving machine needs to be grounded. One is to ensure the use of the machine, and the other is to avoid electrostatic interference.
                                  4. Engraving machine belongs to numerical control equipment. It must not be disassembled at will and adjust electrical accessories without understanding, especially frequency converter.
                                  5. The engraving machine shall be maintained for a long time to ensure the lubrication and frequent dust removal of the machine; Keep the guide rail and lead screw clean and lubricated.
                                  6. Machinery, engraving spindle motor, we must ensure that the circulating water system is unobstructed and do a good job in cooling the spindle.
                                  7. Spindle motor protection: if the engraving motor stops or the motor speed is uneven, please cut off the power supply immediately and repair with our factory. If the motor stops running, the motor cannot be powered on, otherwise the warp ring of the motor will be burned immediately. Please pay attention to it when using it.
                                  8. Protection of clamp head: the motor clamp head and the cutter are fixed by metal friction, so the cutter is installed for refueling to prevent the difficulty of disassembly caused by long-term non disassembly or coolant corrosion.
                                  Therefore, we must strictly follow the above requirements. Never take it lightly.
                                  The above is a detailed introduction to the poly dragon engraving machine. I hope it will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.ahjinxia.com/