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                                  來源:http://www.ahjinxia.com 時間:2022-02-14 

                                  Nowadays, more and more people begin to use engraving machines. Many people always break the knife of engraving machines. Many people don't know what's going on. Today we'll tell you the answer!
                                  Engraving machines often encounter knife breakage. In fact, this is not necessarily the problem of stone carving. It is suggested that it would be better to have a corresponding solution for different situations. There are several reasons for tool breakage, mainly caused by the following problems, which can be avoided or solved by taking corresponding measures.
                                  1. Problems of engraving machine itself. During the operation of the engraving machine, if the engraving machine is installed incorrectly or there are sundries in the chuck, the tool will not be vertical and the knife will be broken. Therefore, carefully check whether the engraving machine is installed correctly when installing the tool.
                                  2. Select the corresponding tool according to the processing materials. This reason is easy to understand. For example, the hardness difference between wood and jadeite is too large, and woodworking knives cannot be used to carve jadeite. For example, the hardness of many materials, such as crystal, turquoise, nephrite, jadeite, etc., is different, so it is necessary to select appropriate knives for processing.
                                  3. The processing speed is too fast. The hardness of each material is different, and the tolerance of the tool must be limited. If the processing speed is too fast, it will also cause tool breakage. Therefore, the speed should be adjusted according to the actual situation in the processing process to avoid too fast.
                                  4. The clearance of knife path is too large and the cutting speed is too fast. Similarly, the understanding of machining speed is that if the tool distance is too large or the blade speed is too fast, it may exceed the bearing range of the tool and cause tool breakage.
                                  5. The height difference is too large. If the height difference of the same tool path is too large, if it exceeds the bearing range of the tool, it will cause tool breakage.
                                  The above are the reasons for the broken knife in the carving opportunity. I hope you must pay attention to it when using the equipment!
                                  This article is provided by the five axis poly dragon engraving machine. Our website is: http://www.ahjinxia.com/ We will provide you with services with wholehearted enthusiasm. Welcome to visit