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                                  1. Before starting up, check whether the circuit of the equipment is intact and whether the voltage is stable. Start up after confirming that there is no error. Wait for a period of time and then start processing.
                                  2. There are two types of spindles of CNC cutting machine, one is air-cooled spindle and the other is water-cooled spindle. The cooling shaft needs cleaning and cooling to work normally. Here we remind you that the water-cooled spindle cannot be short of water.
                                  3. In addition to the above maintenance work, pay attention to the water temperature. Too high cooling water temperature will greatly reduce the cooling effect and cause certain damage to the main shaft. Therefore, the cooling water needs to be replaced in time. Antifreeze measures should also be taken in winter to prevent frost cracking of water pipes.
                                  Regularly clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the circuit box of the NC opener, check whether each fan works normally, regularly clean the dust in the electrical control box, and check the looseness of the connecting terminal screws to ensure the reliable use of the circuit.
                                  Clean the wood chips on the guide rail and around in time, and feed the driving system of the equipment in time.
                                  6. Remove the dust and oil stain on the sensor in time.
                                  7. After cutting on the NC cutting machine, take out the blade to make the spindle chuck in a relaxed state. It is beneficial to prolong the service life of the spindle seat.
                                  Next, we start to clean the table. We can clean the table with a brush. Note that the general table should not accumulate sundries as far as possible to avoid deformation of the table. Before cutting off the power supply, move the machine head to the lower left or right position to avoid collision.
                                  8. When the numerical control cutting machine is not used for a long time, try to power on once a week to prevent the machine from moisture and ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electrical components of the equipment.
                                  9. If the NC cutting machine often opens the cabinet, there will be dust, sawdust or metal dust in the air when opening the cabinet. Once it falls into the circuit board or electronic equipment of the electric control box, it is easy to reduce the insulation resistance between components and even damage components and circuit boards.
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