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                                  Fault analysis of different sculptures of foam carving machine
                                  The depth of the carving process will directly determine the processing effect of the products. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the depth of carving in the process of the operation of the foam carving machine. However, the problem of different depth in carving is also very common, so we need to master how to carry out correct fault analysis. Next, we briefly summarize the possible causes.
                                  First of all, we need to troubleshoot key components, including spindle motor, control card and actuator of foam engraving machine, and check the corresponding settings.
                                  Secondly, because the depth of carving is decided by the Z axis carving, so if there is a variety of sculptures, we need to check and analyze the Z axis motor line of the foam carving machine.
                                  Again, the external interference factors are also closely related to the depth of the engraving process of the foam engraving machine. For example, the interference of external frequency converter or excessive static electricity generated by internal engraving are closely related to the problem of different engraving depth.
                                  Another thing to bear in mind is that if the system of a foam carving machine is attacked by viruses or other faults, it will lead to uneven and uneven carving depth. At the same time, in addition, the smoothness and cleanliness of the working platform of the foam carving machine will have a certain degree of influence on the accuracy and depth of the carving process. So this requires us not only to set the main engraving parameters correctly, but also to focus on the daily operation of foam engraving machine and the maintenance and cleaning work. Only in this way can we better guarantee the normal work of the foam engraving machine and the effect of carving.
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